I came here because I was living in my car. The mission isn't just a bed and 3 meals to me. It is a fellowship of people that can become lifetime friends. If I knew about this place when I first became homeless, I would have come here then.


As a former resident I can say this place is truly a god send thank u for all you do god bless.


I'm a success story of this mission. My wife and I had both lost our children and been in prison and the mission took us in. My wife and I both went back to school got full-time jobs and full-time custody back of our children. We now have a home and I am a computer systems technician and my wife is a counselor at options. The Grants Pass gospel rescue mission is the tool God used to change my life around. Thank you Brian for everything you have done for me and my family.


The Gospel Recue Mission helped me get my relationship with God back on track. That's not what I expected.