Monthly Archives: September 2011

Community Dental Days

  Ask anyone who has worn braces, or who has lost a prominent tooth, and they will tell you that they feel self conscious and sometimes, embarrassed about their appearance.     Ask anyone who has multiple teeth missing or who has a deteriorating gum line and you will find that these emotions are carried …

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Quit Pullin’ My Tooth

Gospel Rescue Mission Dental

ELEVEN   ELEVEN teeth left in his mouth. Tracy Kirby had a rough life. Broken family, drugs, prison, homelessness. Then 18 years ago God brought him to the Gospel Rescue Mission (then located on the corner of 8th and E St.) He met a man named Walt Fikso, who just so happened to be the …

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Mission Recycling Center


Gospel Rescue Mission Recycling Center  The Gospel Rescue Mission operates a Community Recycling Center that services businesses and the general public located 1010 Foundry Way in Grants Pass.  This facility specializes in recyclable goods generated by local businesses, organizations and the general public.    Plastic – Paper – Cardboard – Clothing – Cans – Electronics …

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Mission Board of Directors


The Gospel Mission Board of Directors is made up of a group of Christian business and professional men who are committed to helping our community.  The critical focus of the Board is reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and following the Biblical commands to feed the poor and homeless. The Board is always available for comment …

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Volunteers In The Kitchen

Gospel Rescue Mission

 It’s amazing how God can use a local church of dedicated believers to assist the poor and hungry in our community.  This past month Applegate Community Church brought Vickie Prose to us. Vickie is a real professional who has worked in food services with public schools and Christian camps for decades.     Vickie and her …

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