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Homeless Children’s Project

By December 1, 2017Articles, Mission News

Homeless Children’s Project

Caring for homeless children is a vital ministry in Josephine County. The Gospel Rescue Mission of Grants Pass is at the forefront for giving food, clothing, shelter, emotional and spiritual support to homeless kids. The Mission cares for and shelters on average 15-25 homeless children and their moms 24/7. Our children range in ages from newborn to 17.

We are the only organization in all of Josephine County that gives this level of support with no taxpayer / government funding or subsidies. The Mission has been serving in this capacity since 1983. We are asking that you consider the work of the Mission as worthy of your support.

Our Homeless children come to us suffering many forms of abuse, e.g. neglect, displacement, dysfunctional families, physical and emotional abuse, and traumatic stress. Just having a place with a degree of security and structure can and does yields dramatic results, yet the Mission does so much more. The Mission has been a proven provider to the needs of our community for decades and now we want to increase our abilities to serve.

Proposed Expansion of New Services for Homeless Children

With additional funds, we would like to accomplish the following:

Support Services
• Full time Children’s Coordinator.
• Part time tutors for afterschool homework and special needs.
• Parenting Classes for Mothers of Homeless Children.
• Part time Daycare / Supervision for working Mothers, playground.
• Monitored Access to internet and on-line support for doing homework.

• Transportation Van for up to 15 kids.
• Sports and Athletic Equipment for older children.
• Playground equipment and toys for toddlers and youth.
• Educational Software and Tablets for children.
• Puzzles, games, toys etc…
• Bikes, tricycles, scooters, wagons.
• Age appropriate DVD movies, gaming consoles.

Special Activities
• Spring Break and Summer Camps
• Regular scheduled specialty classes (e.g. YMCA, kung fu, art & science, home economics, etc.)
• Off-site Field Trips such as swimming, Boys and Girls Clubs, County Fairs, etc.

• School supplies: Basic daily supplies, writing materials backpacks, lunches and snacks.
• Supplies for holiday activities such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day projects etc.).

• Our intent is to establish and raise a yearly budget in a designated account from which our staff can draw upon funds. These funds are to be separate from the General Mission Operations budget.
• These line items can be funded separately or as a contribution to the Children’s account in general.
• Project Budgets are based on 150 children served every year.


Special thanks to our partnering foundations who have already given to this fund:

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