We Are

A community of Christians who love God and who have a heart to serve.

Our Vision

To give food, clothing, shelter and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are the most in need.

 Our Mission Statement

We are bound to proclaim Jesus Christ to the needy of Josephine County in a spirit of Care, assisting with clothing, spiritual counseling, education, food, health care and shelter, accomplishing all this with an attitude of Commitment.

The Mission is Gospel Centered

Each staff member and Board member must sign a statement of faith. The men and women have mandatory Bible studies every morning, and the men have evening chapels as well. All of the counseling is Biblically based. Regeneration, repentance, reconciliation and restoration are seen as the goal for each resident.

The Gospel Rescue Mission is an arm of the Church

  • More than 40 local churches support the work of the Mission
  • Our Executive Director meets with the local Church of the Valley Pastors.
  • The Mission helps the Church to follow the Biblical command to care for the broken by being open to them to give and serve alongside us for the glory of God!

 We are a Community Partner

 “If we can’t do it, we know who can!” This saying applies to programs like housing assistance, health insurance, full job skills training etc. By ourselves, we cannot take care of every single aspect of our residents lives, but we know who can.The truth is that, while staying at the Mission, our residents aren’t just receiving care for their immediate needs, but doors are open to all of those who are here for them to become stable and restored members of our community! This is all done through hands on help with staff and volunteers, and through community partnerships.

  • Our Staff interacts with local service agencies
  • We have an open door policy for our local Public Safety Employees
  • We clean the main streets in downtown Grants Pass on a regular basis
  • We work with local merchants and other organizations to help them understand homelessness, and we are a place for them to encourage homeless men and women to come for help.





1983   –  Walt and Elaine Fikso turn a beauty supply store into a shelter for homeless men.

1991   –   The Mission grows to include women and children in a small house in Grants Pass

1996   –   Walt Fikso goes to be with the Lord.

1997   –   The Board of Director hires Keith O. Heck as the new Executive Director

1999   –   Plans are drawn up for a new multiphase campus.

2003   –  Fikso Family Center is opened to shelter up to 60 homeless women & children.

2004   –  Funding and ground breaking begins for new men’s shelter to be named Wagner Hall.

2010   –  Construction of Wagner Hall continues.

2010   –  The Board of Directors hires Ken Emilio as the new Executive Director.

2011   –   Occupancy is granted for Wagner Hall to shelter 78 homeless men.

2012   –   Over $100,000 funding for purchasing of beds, furniture, lockers and kitchen is awarded.

2013   –   The Mission builds a new micro-farm and food processing – preservation program

2014   –   New Women’s chapel program and Children’s ministry added.

2015   –   Construction begins on new computer labs for residents.

2016   –   New computer labs are operational for resident use.



GRM Staff

Ken Emilio – Executive Director      Ken@grmgp.org

Valorie Emilio – Newsletters & Publication  Val@grmgp.org

Brian Bouteller – Director of Resident Services      Brian@grmgp.org

Kevin Maloney – Operations Director    Kevin@grmgp.org

Mike Quiqley – Men’s Coordinator      Mike@gospelrescuemissiongp.org

Farrah Guthrie – Women’s Coordinator      Farrah@gospelrescuemissiongp.org

Connie Quigley – Resident Support Specialist    Connie@grmgp.org

Glenn Sprigg – Manager – Thrift Store    Glenn@grmgp.org

Eric Mortinson – Webmaster    Eric@gospelrescuemissiongp.org (Email him for website questions/comments.)




The GRM Board of Directors


The Gospel-Rescue Mission’s Board of Directors is its governing body. This group of committed Christian individuals strives to maintain the Vision and Mission statements of the Gospel-Rescue Mission.


Ron Marsh – Board Chairman

Richard Emmons – Vice Chairman

Ron Strom – Secretary

Jim Brumbach – Member

Brad Converse – Member

Denny Stahl – Member

Carl Wilson – Member

Art Harvey – Member

Matt Gali – Member

Paul True – Member



990 Form for Fiscal Year Ending in 2015:

The Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission is independently audited by a third party CPA every year. For a copy of the complete audit, please make a request here.



The Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.



Question #1 – 

Does the Mission turn a blind eye to resident drug use?

Answer: The Mission has a very watchful eye. We do not allow any substance use at all. When we have a suspicion that a resident is using drugs, we will ask them to take a urinary analysis. If the test is positive for drugs, we discipline the offender as is appropriate (i.e. not allowing them to stay with us for a time, removing privileges, etc.)


Question #2 – 

Does the Mission only serve Christians?

Answer: We have had men and women from many religious and non-religious backgrounds including but not limited to: Christianity (everything from Catholic to Baptist to non-denominational), Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Mysticism, New Age, Atheism, and Agnosticism.


Question #3 – 

Does the Mission only serve younger women at the Women’s Shelter?

Answer: Our average adult age at the Women’s Shelter is over 25. We have women who are in their 70′s and early 20′s. We will turn a woman away (regardless of her age) if she is unwilling to stop her substance use, if we are full, or is she has a physical or mental condition that is beyond our scope of care.


Question #4 –

What do the residents do while at the Mission?

Answer: While here at the mission, some residents are involved in the house by doing chores and helping with house work. Many work at the Second Chance Thrift Store, and Community Recycling Center. Some men and women have regular jobs that they go to daily, while still others are involved in community service and work crew.


Question #5 –

Are Mission residents mostly from the local area? Or are they from out of town?

Answer: The majority of our residents are from Josephine County. Sometimes we get people moving from other areas in Southern Oregon. It is uncommon to have many residents who have not lived in Southern Oregon for at least a few months before moving in with us.


Question #6 –

How long can residents stay at the Mission?

Answer: Each resident may stay up to 30 days if they can abide by the rules of the Mission and are cooperative. After 30 days residents may apply to stay longer provided they can demonstrate their need by enrolling in our 30 day monitored program.


Question #7 –

Are residents allowed to use tobacco or other nicotine products?

Answer:  All Residents of the Mission must be nicotine free to stay at the Mission

  • We do offer a smoking and nicotine cessation program which includes use of nicotine patches and counseling.
  • Residents are regularly tested for nicotine and asked to leave the Mission if found non-compliant.


Question #8 –

Can married couples live together at the Mission?

Answer: The Mission does not provide rooms for married couples


 Question #9 –

How many residents live at the Mission on a regular basis?

Answer: On average there are around 130 men, women and children living at the Mission. During certain seasons that number drop to around 100. But otherwise it is at or above 130.


Question #10 –

Do Mission residents receive any medical or dental care?

Answer:Many of our residents (especially children) have government health insurance. The people who do not have any medical insurance can see one of the Doctors who volunteer at the mission as a part of Doctor Day program. We also partner with several dental professionals in town who work to serve residents of the Mission and members of our community without income or insurance.


Question #11 –

Where is the Gospel Rescue Mission located?

Answer: Wagner Hall is located at 540 SW Foundry St., Grants Pass, OR 97526.

Answer: The Fikso Family Center is located at 530 SW Foundry St., Grants Pass, OR 97526


Question #12 –

Where is the Second Chance Thrift Store located?

Answer: On the corner of 6th and J St., Grants Pass, OR 97526


Question #13 –

What are the top three physical needs at the Mission?


  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal hygiene Products


Question #14 –

How do I volunteer?

Answer: Volunteer With Us!


Question #15 –

How can I support financially?

Answer: Donate Here!


Question #16 –

What kind of material goods can I donate? And where?

Answer: See list here by clicking the ‘Thrift Store’ tab