Rescuing People from Poverty in Jesus' Name



Applying Christian values to restore hope and a future to individuals and families.

Mission:  Rescuing People from Poverty in Jesus’ Name

Vision:  Applying Christian values to restore hope and a future to individuals and families

As an organization, we are

  • An Evangelical, Non-denominational, Christian Organization
  • Privately Funded
  • Community Focused

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:31,32 (ESV)

We believe that freedom is essential to a healthy community…

Freedom from Despair –

  • People Are Intrinsically Valuable Because They Are…
    • Made in the image of God
    • Assets, not liabilities
    • Capable of great change
    • Endowed with value by God, not a function of wealth

Freedom from Isolation (Gal 5:13-15; 6:1-10) –

  • Community is Key…
    • No life works well apart from community
    • All life choices impact the whole community
    • Relationship skills are necessary to community
    • Serving others builds community

Freedom from Poverty –

  • Income Independence Without Charitable Support…
    • All work is a blessing, not a punishment (2Thes 3:6-15)
    • All resources (time, talent, treasure) are to be managed, not squandered
    • Paying into a social support system is always better than taking from one

Freedom from Bondage (Gal 5:1,16-24) –

  • Slavery to a Cycle of Hopelessness…
    • Chemical dependency
    • Immorality
    • Lack of opportunity for improvement

Freedom from Abuse –

  • Breaking the Cycle Because No One Deserves To Be Victimized…
    • Physically
    • Emotionally
    • Relationally

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1 ESV

We Are

A community of Christians who love God and who have a heart to serve.

Our Vision

To give food, clothing, shelter and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are the most in need.

 Our Mission Statement

We are bound to proclaim Jesus Christ to the needy of Josephine County in a spirit of Care, assisting with clothing, spiritual counseling, education, food, health care and shelter, accomplishing all this with an attitude of Commitment.

The Mission is Gospel Centered

Each staff member and Board member must sign a statement of faith. The men and women have mandatory Bible studies every morning, and the men have evening chapels as well. All of the counseling is Biblically based. Regeneration, repentance, reconciliation and restoration are seen as the goal for each resident.

The Gospel Rescue Mission is an arm of the Church

  • More than 40 local churches support the work of the Mission
  • Our Executive Director meets with the local Church of the Valley Pastors.
  • The Mission helps the Church to follow the Biblical command to care for the broken by being open to them to give and serve alongside us for the glory of God!

 We are a Community Partner

“If we can’t do it, we know who can!” This saying applies to programs like housing assistance, health insurance, full job skills training etc. By ourselves, we cannot take care of every single aspect of our residents lives, but we know who can.The truth is that, while staying at the Mission, our residents aren’t just receiving care for their immediate needs, but doors are open to all of those who are here for them to become stable and restored members of our community! This is all done through hands on help with staff and volunteers, and through community partnerships.

  • Our Staff interacts with local service agencies
  • We have an open door policy for our local Public Safety Employees
  • We clean the main streets in downtown Grants Pass on a regular basis
  • We work with local merchants and other organizations to help them understand homelessness, and we are a place for them to encourage homeless men and women to come for help.