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Women’s Shelter – Fikso Family Center


Children At The Mission

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In The Eye of The Storm

When you think of the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass… Think Kids!  Now ask… Can I help them?

Every day we wrap  warm blankets of protection around our children – infants through sixteen years.  Daily populations average  between 15 – 20 underage kids.   On first glance, Mission kids do what most kids do… eat, sleep, go to school – Mission moms go strolling with babies.   But that is on the surface. What brought these kids to us were moments of desperation, anger, violence, financial ruin, fear, abuse and hunger… Hunger for Food, Shelter & Safety!



When God Prunes Those He Loves

By | Women's Shelter - Fikso Family Center

This month we began a new study with our women and men. Our study centers around the DVD series by Bruce Wilkinson called, Secrets of the Vine.  By tackling John 15:1-5, we are learning about the parable of the vine grower and its focus on bearing “good fruit.”

Dr. Wilkinson points out that Jesus is the vine – the “trunk” that brings sap up from the roots into the branches; Without the Vine the branches can do nothing. The Vinedresser or gardener is God our Father; the branches are believers who grow out along trellises; and the “fruit” is the result of a believer’s good works (Jn 15:16b). Simply put…God wants us to do good works, i.e. bear good fruit.

Sometimes our branches are barren or our heavenly Father wants us to produce more fruit.  So God “prunes” us.  Ouch!   Pruning can mean God removing things in our lives that produce no fruit – like pointless or destructive habits, friendships or problematic family relationships that sap our energy, jobs going nowhere and other things that are fruitless.

Pruning can also mean our heavenly Father disciplines us.  Wilkinson explains we can be disciplined for many things including: Unforgiveness (Matt. 18:32-35) and Sexual immorality (1 Thess. 4:3-6).  We could become weak, sick or even die if we do not judge ourselves rightly (1 Cor. 11:30).  That’s a scary thought!  It should motivate all of us to act better.  Pruning sometimes hurts.  But, it is also the Father’s way of helping us to become conformed into the image of His beloved Son (Ro. 8:29).

Teresa is a good example of someone who has faced God’s “pruning” in her life.  A delightful friendly, outgoing woman, Teresa left the Mission several months ago only to find that she needed the support of other Christians and the biblical guidance she received at the Mission.Going back into the world without a foundation in Christ is a recipe for failure, with the probability that one will fall back into old destructive habits and relationships.  As Teresa explains, “without my foundation in Christ, it is just a matter of time.”

The Mission Staff works hard to teach our residents how to live godly, holy lives so that they may become productive branches bearing much fruit.  Jesus says,

“I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.“ (John 15:5).




Valorie and Ken Emilio

Women's Shelter

Fikso Family Ladies

By | Women's Shelter - Fikso Family Center

Donna and Jessica

      Teaching Bible studies to the Fikso ladies is never a dull task.  Last month one of our residents cried out loudly in the middle of our teaching session.  Thinking we had really “blown it,” Ken and I stopped to see what we had said that upset her.  The next thing we knew an ambulance came screeching to the front door.  Poor Donna was doubled over in pain with possible food poisoning!  No, it wasn’t our GRM teachings or the Mission’s bad cooking.  It was a personal food item she had stored for herself that may have gone bad.

     Donna Tucker recently began volunteering as an assistant to our Director of Operations Kevin Maloney. Donna says she is “…thrilled to work with Kevin and be able to give back to the place and people who have helped me.   The people who work for the mission have shown me the grace and mercy of God.  They have given me the tools to be able to rely on God during the good times and the bad times.”

     Donna’s daughter, Jessica, is no stranger to pain, either.  Last year Jessica was diagnosed with a painful, debilitating disease called vasculitus.  It makes working and earning an income difficult for her.  Yet, as a Resident / Volunteer, Jessica is that calm, lovely person who greets us as we come through the visitor doors at Wagner Hall.  Praise God! 

     Being Homeless is different than living on the streets.  Yes, Donna and Jessica do rely on the Mission for food and shelter.  But, like fruit on the vine they give back to the Gospel Rescue Mission and Josephine County by working as Resident / Volunteers every day.  For Donna and Jessica these are difficult & painful times, but we are all learning that it is precisely during these difficult times God is teaching us our greatest lessons.

“…Every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”   (John 15:2b, NKJV).

   God “prunes” or “disciplines” us so that we can bear more fruit in our lives especially during difficult and painful times. 

 Valorie Emilio

Valorie Emilio