Women’s Shelter – Fikso Family Center

Children At The Mission


    In The Eye of The Storm When you think of the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass… Think Kids!  Now ask… Can I help them? Every day we wrap  warm blankets of protection around our children – infants through sixteen years.  Daily populations average  between 15 – 20 underage kids.   On first glance, …

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When God Prunes Those He Loves


This month we began a new study with our women and men. Our study centers around the DVD series by Bruce Wilkinson called, Secrets of the Vine.  By tackling John 15:1-5, we are learning about the parable of the vine grower and its focus on bearing “good fruit.” Dr. Wilkinson points out that Jesus is …

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Fikso Family Ladies

Women's Shelter

      Teaching Bible studies to the Fikso ladies is never a dull task.  Last month one of our residents cried out loudly in the middle of our teaching session.  Thinking we had really “blown it,” Ken and I stopped to see what we had said that upset her.  The next thing we knew an ambulance came …

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