Doctor Day

The first Doctor Day was held at the Gospel Rescue Mission of Grants Pass on Ddecember 13, 2011. Dr. Cory Fawcett, a local surgeon, and Registered Nurse Denise Shadbolt saw eighteen people for various medical problems, among them hypertension, Diabetes and an inguinal hernia. Nurse Shadbolt pre-screened residents by taking a medical history and checking vital signs. Dr. Fawcett was able to write prescriptions for medications for a variety of problems: anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives and antibiotics were some of the medications prescribed the first day. Dr. Fawcett also diagnosed a person with a broken elbow and was able to have the resident seen at the Asante Fracture Clinic, instead of the Emergency Department of Three Rivers Community Hospital. This saved the resident, the hospital and our community hundreds of dollars.

Since then, Dr. Fawcett and Nurse Shadbolt have recruited other medical people with an interest in helping the nedy in our community. Dr. Jones, a partner of Dr. Fawcett plus Dr. Ermshar, a local Family Practice doctor and Dr. Currier, also in Family Practice, have become a part of the Physician half of Doctor Day family. Augusta Keene, Theresa Healy, Mike Holland, and Dawn Doig are all R.N.s and are employed at Three Rivers Community Hospital. They fill out the Nurse half of Doctor Day.

The vision of Doctor Day is simple: if a person is willing to change their life by committing to live at the Gospel Rescue Mission, there is medical advice available to them till they can get established with a regular doctor in the community. Doctor Day is NOT primary care, it is just a bridge to primary care.

Some expected and some unexpected side effects have been noticed since Doctor Day began. Dr. Currier and Dr. Ermshar have both gained new patients. As Mission residents became eligible for insurance and were able to choose a doctor fr primary care, they chose a doctor that they were already familiar with. Some residents are choosing to wait and see a doctor or nurse in non-life threatening situations, rather than choosing to go to Three Rivers Community Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED), saving everybody money and giving up bed space at the ED for true emergencies. Residents who felt hopeless about their medical condition, due to a lack of resources or confidence, are coming forward to be treated. They are feeling better about themselves and their diagnosis! Praise God!

Thank you for all of your support. God is using it to make so many good things happen for our residents at the Gospel Rescue Mission of Grants Pass.