Job Search

At the Gospel Rescue Mission of Grants Pass, we believe that finding employment is important, but not the end-all goal. This is reflected in how we do job searches. We allow each person who has been a resident, consistently, for more than 30 days to spend one full day per week job hunting. We do this in the more traditional sense, meaning on the ground with resume in hand walking, biking or driving to each place of business. We connect residents to the Job Council and other agencies to help them find work, but the weekly search is left primarily in each resident’s hands. Residents are also required to provide a record of all jobs they apply for that helps assist in verification that each person is actually looking for work as well as getting feedback from potential employers as to how an individual presents themselves for a perspective job.

Why? Because that is how it would be in the real world. If a man or woman went looking for a job, they would have to go on a day that they did not work to a place that they wanted to work to request an interview. Also by limiting the amount of time they have to search for work each person works harder to make the best use of the time they have while reducing the temptation to be distracted with things irrelevant to finding work. We help them dress appropriately and give guidance when they ask for help, but they do most of the work themselves. This helps build a sense of ownership in their job once they are hired.

At the point of employment we encourage the residents to stay as long as they need to save up enough money for rent and other living expenses as well as potentially paying down back debt or fines, etc. We will also encourage a person to stay longer if we feel that there is still more work that needs to be done before they move out. Our goal is not to see them employed only to lose employment due to unwise decisions.