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A Success Driven Program

At the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission, we meticulously track the progress of our residents on an individual level. By keeping careful stats the leadership can make program and policy changes to achieve increasingly positive results. Our goal is to see our residents move from brokenness to wholeness, and from dependence to independence. The data shown below reflects the 3rd quarter of 2017 and is collected from our intake and discharge surveys.

Resident Population Makeup

Estimated 572 Total Residents Served Annually

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While at first glance, it may seem encouraging to see so many from both the male and female resident populations with at least some college experience, more often than not it gives staff insight into one of the first big challenges a resident will need to face.  Women’s Coordinator, Farrah Guthrie explains, “What I have found is that most residents who have college or secondary education have not completed it (graduated) nor have they received a certificate.  They also owe thousands of dollars for student loans.  Some have two or three loans from two or three different colleges, none of which they have completed.”  With student loan debt being inescapable, a high priority for our residents is to at least begin the process of paying it off.  Unfortunately, those with degrees often have them in fields for which they cannot find jobs.  This makes the challenge of finding gainful employment and paying off debt such a critical part of the Mission process.

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It may be easy to forget when looking at stats that these represent individuals – people with broken lives, hurts, and needs, whom Christ died for. Please keep our staff and residents in your prayers daily as we seek to love and serve them in Christ’s name.