Serving the Needy of Josephine County

30 Day Residential Program

Serving Men, Women, and Children

The Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission is not your typical “three hots and a cot” homeless shelter. We focus on helping those who really seek meaningful change in their lives to go from dependence to independence, and from brokenness to wholeness.

One of the ways we do this is through our 30 Day Residential Program. The program is designed to provide structure, accountability, and a path to success for those in need. Throughout a resident’s time here, we assist with eliminating barriers to independence.

Eliminating Barriers by:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Chapel and Church Attendance
  • Acquiring Birth Certificates
  • Acquiring DMV Identification
  • Job Skills Training
  • Computer Skills Courses
  • Working with Social Security
  • Connecting Residents with Community Partners (Options, Choices, Ontrack, etc.)
  • Assisting with Job Search

After the initial 30 days each resident is reviewed by their Coordinator to ensure they are making progress. Based on this review, they may be granted another 30 days. This 30 day review process continues every 30 days until the resident is discharged, or is able to become financially stable and live independently outside the Mission.

To help insure the protection of our residents and potentially their children, all of our services are reserved for those in our resident program. If you are, or know someone in need of change, please consider applying to our resident program.

Men’s Shelter

Wagner Hall

30 Day Dorm

The 30 Day Dorm has 30 beds available for men who need a place to stay and have agreed to follow the rules of the Mission, filled out the necessary intake information and been approved by the Men’s Coordinator. The dorm is designed to house residents for a maximum of 30 days. This 30 day period is designed for the staff and residents to build trust with each other. If a man has employment when he moves in, upon the Men’s Coordinator’s approval he may continue that work without interruption. Residents are not allowed to search for jobs during this period of time unless prior approval by a staff member is obtained.

If physically able, men are assigned house or Mission duties by the second day of residence. New residents must wait for 30 days before they can receive a pass to leave the building for extended periods of time to visit family or friends. This is to help men rest, reset, and to get focused on the task that lies before them.  If they choose to extend their stay they will move to a different dorm soon after their 30 days are up depending on bed availability. These 30 days function primarily as a means of learning about each resident’s (strengths/weaknesses) so that we can discover where the real work of change needs to take place. Watching a man interact in both social and work environments helps us learn more about his real needs rather than his perceived needs.

Over 30 Day –

Any resident who wishes to stay more than 30 days undergoes the 30 Day Program review process by the Men’s Coordinator. This process includes implementing a plan to make progress toward independence. The maximum stay time is determined on an individual basis by the Men’s coordinator. There are six dorms designed for men who stay longer than 30 days. Each has its own unique size, shape and set-up. Once a man has completed the 30 day period he is required to schedule one full day a week to search for work. He is also free to request occasional passes to visit family or friends, but must request and obtain a pass 24 hours in advance.

Wagner Hall

Wagner Hall – Men’s Residence

Women and Children’s Shelter

Fikso Family Center

Fikso Family Center

30 Day Program

Like at the Men’s Shelter, the Women follow the 30 Day Program as well. Each resident works with the Women’s Coordinator to track their progress on a monthly basis, and if needed an additional 30 days may be granted.

Single Women

There are four bunk rooms designed for single women without children. Single women must follow all of the rules and responsibilities like other residents.

Rooms For Moms With Children

There are 12 rooms designed for a mom with up to 4 children. If the mom has more than 4 children the Mission will work to accommodate her, depending on space. Every two rooms are connected and share a bathroom.

Minors – Under 18

The Gospel Rescue Mission shelters children under the age of 18 who are living with their mother or legal guardian. The mother or legal guardian must show proof of custody of a minor.

Married Couples

The Mission does not have rooms for married couples. When a couple comes to the Mission the men must stay at the men’s shelter and the women must stay at the women’s shelter.  To be considered “married” a couple must show a marriage license.

Visitation Rights for Fathers and Family Members

No Male visitors are allowed in the Women’s shelter at any time. Fathers, family members and friends must check in at the Men’s shelter. Visitations by males must be done off Mission property and must be scheduled and approved by Mission Staff.

Job Search

At the Gospel Rescue Mission of Grants Pass, we believe that finding employment is important, but not the end-all goal. This is reflected in how we do job searches. We allow each person who has been a resident, consistently, for more than 30 days to spend one full day per week job hunting. We do this in the more traditional sense, meaning on the ground with resume in hand walking, biking or driving to each place of business. We connect residents to the Job Council and other agencies to help them find work, but the weekly search is left primarily in each resident’s hands. Residents are also required to provide a record of all jobs they apply for that helps assist in verification that each person is actually looking for work as well as getting feedback from potential employers as to how an individual presents themselves for a prospective job.

Why? Because that is how it would be in the real world. If a man or woman went looking for a job, they would have to go on a day that they did not work to a place that they wanted to work to request an interview. Also by limiting the amount of time they have to search for work each person works harder to make the best use of the time they have while reducing the temptation to be distracted with things irrelevant to finding work. We help them dress appropriately and give guidance when they ask for help, but they do most of the work themselves. This helps build a sense of ownership in their job once they are hired.

At the point of employment we encourage the residents to stay as long as they need to save up enough money for rent and other living expenses as well as potentially paying down back debt or fines, etc. We will also encourage a person to stay longer if we feel that there is still more work that needs to be done before they move out. Our goal is not to see them employed only to lose employment due to unwise decisions.

Chapels and Church Attendance

All residents of the Mission, both men and women, are required to attend one morning and one evening chapel Monday thru Saturday.  On Sundays residents are required to attend a church of their choice. Volunteer Chaplains are always needed for our men’s, women’s and children’s ministries. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, please fill our our volunteer form.

Kitchen and Garden

The Mission has two fully licensed Commercial kitchens. We cook approximately 6,000 meals every month.  Due to the abundant growth in our raised-bed gardens and donations from local markets and individuals the Mission has installed processing and packaging capability to our kitchen.

Hard work, teamwork, and perseverance are showing in the stellar growth of our vegetable gardens. In 2013 we harvested almost 10,000 pounds of fresh vegetables. But all of this work would be meaningless without the grace of our Lord pouring out on us and with out His sovereign hand of blessing drawing the plants upward to be nurtured by His “green thumb”.

Second Chance Thrift Store

Location and Hours of Operation:

Location: 429 S.E. 6th St., Grants Pass, OR 97526
Hours: 9:00-5:00 (Monday-Friday), 9:00-4:00pm (Saturday), and closed on Sundays.
Phone: (541) 479-9748

Our Goal:

To be a place for the Grants Pass community to bring used merchandise, to give our customers great deals, to provide monthly income for the Gospel Rescue Mission and to give Mission residents the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

The Second Chance Thrift Store is always accepting your quality donations of:

Large and small appliances
Sporting goods
Games and Puzzles
Lamps and lighting fixtures
Bath chairs, wheelchairs, crutches, canes

All proceeds go to support the programs and services of the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission.